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Plan Smartly

The financial and investment management landscape is more complex than ever.  Today, wealth management requires a more custom approach and a careful analysis of detailed planning areas. As one of Tulsa's Best Financial Advisors, we can help you navigate through wealth management, retirement planning, estate planning and tax planning. 

Planning Ares

Welcome to
Burkholder Wealth

A comprehensive financial planning and investment company comprising financial advisors, estate planners, and support team in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Portfolio Management


Expertly managed portfolios by our CFA Charterholder, Eric Burkholder, designed to achieve your specific goals and circumstances.

Retirement Planning


Navigate one of the biggest decisions of your life.  Learn how to move from earning a paycheck to living on passive income with a retirement plan designed specifically for you.

Wealth Transfer


Create a Legacy by structuring assets to pass to your heirs or charities while reducing or eliminating estate tax liability.  Whether you need a simple trust or something more complex like a GRAT or CRAT.  We can help.

Tax Planning

Move beyond just crunching numbers at tax time. Create a proactive strategy that looks long term.  Our software can compare multiple strategies side-by-side over time to ensure you are on the right track.

Business Strategy


Every business owner could use a second set of eyes.  Add an outsourced "CFO" to your team to help get your business to the next level.  

Executive Benefits


Maximize your company benefits with ongoing reviews of your RSUs, ISOs, health plans, and more.

The CFA difference

The CFA® Difference

Burkholder Wealth Management has a unique process for managing investments based on the Chartered Financial Analyst® approach. The CFA® designation is considered the Gold Standard of investment certifications and provides a strong foundation in advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills.   The skill set learned through the CFA program allows BWM to think critically about risk and return in an everchanging environment and structure portfolios best suited to each client's needs.


Leading Asset Management in Tulsa

Awarded as one of Tulsa's Best Financial Advisors and asset management companies, we are able to help you through each stage of your life. If you are 35-45 years old, starting to accumulate assets, and looking for your next step, we can help develop a personalized financial plan. If you are in your 50s, and asking yourself, "Can I Retire?", we can help you determine how much you need to retire. 






5014 East 101st Street, Suite 100

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137

Tel:  918-727-7100


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